The HFX WellPay Payment Card... A First and Only of It’s Kind.

A Virtual Payment Platform!

A financial banking payment card with an accident plan as a feature!

WellPay is a Virtual Payment Platform and Customer Loyalty Program that turns your payment card points into a digital currency to cover your healthcare and health insurance costs.

A Next-Generation benefit expansion program

The health insurance system as a whole has seen a vast number of changes over the past few decades ranging from the enrollment process, new laws and regulations, to even the way we order and receive our much needed prescriptions. Technology has enabled us to simplify much of what we do in the healthcare industry. So why has the way we send and receive payments remained the same?

HFX WellPay is a next generation virtual payment platform and customer loyalty program for the healthcare industry. This new program will allow customers to use their payment card reward points anytime and anywhere by converting points into a virtual card for their digital wallet at the point of sale. This new system will replace the old “traditional” points system which doesn’t really allow users to spend their points how and where they prefer.

Use HFX WellPay in store and online!

Most consumers today have an average of 7-10 commerce apps installed on their mobile devices which are onstantly used to purchase products and services, compare prices, submit reviews, perform research, and find valuable discounts and brand promotions. Now, these same consumers can use HFX WellPay as a primary virtual payment system in their digital wallet.

HFX WellPay uses virtual currency options that best fit your core business model. Not only can card holders redeem discounts and rebates, collect their sky miles and payment card points, but now they can use HFX WellPay CASH-BACK, POINTS and CREDITS as a means of payment for their everyday spend and healthcare needs as well. Plus, their consumer loyalty rewards can often times double, triple and even expand their points by 5 times per dollar spent!

The HFX WellPay platform at a glance:

The HFX WellPay platform at a glance:

The HFX WellPay platform at a glance:

RX Savings Program

Save 20% or more on thousands of brand name and generic prescription drugs by using HFX WellPay with the Rx Savings Program, which gives you access to special discounts at participating pharmacies.

  • Savings of at least 20% on select brand name prescriptions
  • Selected generics and 90 day supplies
  • Selected generics, oral contraceptives
  • Diabetic test strips at discount rates

This program may be especially helpful if you don’t have insurance, or if your insurance doesn’t cover all of your prescriptions.

WellPay Resource Center

Please refer to the following documents for more information on HFX WellPay.

Reward Points

Card holders earn reward points from their everyday HFX WellPay usage. The points earned can be converted to currency in your digital wallet to pay for co-payments, doctor visits and other healthcare spend needs.

Points can be converted to co-payments using Smartlink Mobile at your doctor’s office or at time of scheduling appointments.


Incentive programs motivate people to take responsibility for improving and managing their own health. By driving and sustaining behavior change, this program helps employers, health plans, health management companies and other healthcare providers improve the outcomes and reduce costs. Our innovative incentive solutions are flexible, scalable and customizable. They can be integrated into existing health care portals and/or third-party partnerships.

Incentives include:

  • Rewards & Rebates
  • Cash-Back and/or Statement Credit
  • Discounts
  • Make Co-Payments with points
  • Subsidies
  • FREE Accident Plan as a card feature
  • RX Savings Program
  • Use in-store and online
  • Expand your business
  • Link to insurance policy
  • 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x Loyalty Points per dollar spent

WellPay will change the way payments are made and processed
in the Healthcare and Insurance industries.
This exciting and innovative solution will be available in Q1, 2020.