HFX Insurance is Giving You Another Great Reason to Smile!

Individual Dental PPO Insurance - A reason to smile!

Paying to get a toothache treated can hurt almost as much as the tooth itself, especially if you don’t have dental insurance. Even maintaining your health with routine trips to the dentist can be costly without the right financial protection.

Dental insurance from HFX Insurance can help you preserve your smile with easy-to-use coverage that promotes overall wellness.

Our strong, national network of qualified dentists saves you money on services from participating dentists. With our dental insurance, you will receive:

  • Immediate, 100% coverage on preventive services from any in-network dentist
  • No waiting periods on basic services like fillings and simple extractions
  • Coverage for major services
  • Freedom to choose any dentist; use an in-network dentist to avoid balance billing and receive network savings
  • Easy-to-access customer service that is as personal as it is professional

How much money can I save?

Dental costs vary from region to region, but HFX Insurance dental members everywhere benefit in two ways:
  • Discounted fees for in-network services
  • Insurance coverage of up to 50%, 80% or even 100% of some services

Advantages of our dental insurance

  • You’ll have access to a strong, national network featuring quality dental professionals and network discounts
  • You can take coverage with you if you change jobs or retire
  • Your plan is guaranteed renewable until age 75
  • Rates do not increase because of your age

Find a network dentist at more than 323,000 access points nationwide.3

Comprehensive coverage

Dental wellness for all
Examples: routine exams and cleaning. No waiting period.

Children’s services
Examples: fluoride treatment, sealants. No waiting period.

No waiting period.

Basic services
Examples: fillings, simple extractions. No waiting period.

Oral surgery, gum treatments and prosthetic repair
Examples: periodontal scaling, impactions. 12-month waiting period.

Crowns and major services
Examples: bridges, root canal therapy. 12-month waiting period.

Major prosthetic services
Examples: dentures, dental implants. 12-month waiting period.

Coverage options:

  • Employee
  • Employee and spouse
  • Employee and dependent children
  • Family – employee, spouse and dependent children

Help employees protect their dental health

Our dental insurance can help employees maintain good dental health with easy-to-use coverage. This added financial protection is a simple way to enhance a benefits package.

Plan features

  • 100% coverage on preventive services
  • No waiting periods on basic and preventive services
  • Coverage for major services
  • Freedom to choose any dentist, with access to more than 323,000 access points;3 additional savings on covered and non-covered services when employees stay in-network

Competitive advantages

  • No annual renewal process or rate changes4 – guaranteed renewable until age 75
  • Guaranteed issue to one enrolled with no participation requirements
  • Insureds can keep coverage with no rate increases if they change jobs or retire
  • Takeover options available

Optional benefits

Vision rider
  • Available at the employee level
  • $10 co-pay for exams; $25 co-pay for materials
  • Access to a national vision network with more than 40,000 access points,3 including independent professionals and retail stores

Orthodontic benefit
  • Available at the group level
  • Provides a $1,000 maximum lifetime benefit per child (for children up to age 19)
  • Co-insurance at 50%
  • 12-month waiting period

Rollover benefit
  • Available at the group level
  • Extra benefits for employees when they take care of their teeth
  • Portion of annual maximum rolls over each year; must have one cleaning, one regular exam and total dental claims paid during the year below the threshold limit

Plan information

  • No annual renewal process or rate changes4
  • Guaranteed issue, no participation requirement
  • Minimum of three eligible with one enrolled
  • Issue age 17-74

Strong, national dental network

As an HFX Insurance dental member, you’ll have access to top dentists in your state and region through our national Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network of more than 323,000 access points.3 Easily locate in-network dentists with our online provider locator, or through the AlwaysAssist mobile app for iPhone and Android devices.

AlwaysAssist Mobile App

  • View your benefits and ID card.
  • Check claim status and history.
  • Find in-network dentists.
  • Dependents can access their personal information by creating an AlwaysAssist account, too.

Customer service

At HFX Insurance, serving you is our specialty. When you purchase an HFX Insurance dental plan, you have access to our dental customer service department six days a week at 888-400-9304 or 24/7 at hfxinsurance.com.

1 Savings based on in-network discounts and covered benefits. This is just an illustration. Eligibility for, entitlement to and amount of actual benefits will be determined according to the terms of your dental policy. Based on Colonial Life internal data, 2016 and average cost ranges from one ZIP code (70806). After enrollment, use the Dental Cost Estimator on AlwaysAssist.com for information specific to your ZIP code.

2 Dental insurance usually pays 100% for these services. Plans and benefits may vary.

3 Internal data, 2017. Access points are sites where network dentists see patients. Some dentists may be available at more than one access point.

4 Rates may only be increased if all rates in the state the policy was issued change.

Most dental offices will file claims electronically for policyholders.

The policy or its provisions may vary or be unavailable in some states. The policy has exclusions and limitations which may affect any benefits payable. See the actual policy or your Colonial Life benefits counselor for specific provisions and details of availability.

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