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Saving your business time and money is what HFX Insurance Services is all about!

HFX Insurance Services has adopted a business model that creates state operating subsidiaries under Section 831(b) of the Internal Revenue Code. This approach allows HFX Insurance Services to structure self-funded insurance plans for small and medium-sized employer groups. The technique will enable small businesses to qualify for group rates. Business owners looking for alternatives and relying solely on the commercial insurance market to cover their risks will find that an HFX Insurance Services captive insurance company (CIC) can be the solution they are seeking. CIC’s allow for greater risk coverage and insurance flexibility that provides significant tax benefits to small and medium-size businesses (90% of U.S. employers are small businesses).

Here are a few benefits:

  • The operating company can shift risks that it currently self-insures to the CIC. For many reasons, it is likely that most businesses are susceptible to risks that they are not adequately insured against. These businesses are forced to self-insure for those risks with after-tax dollars;
  • Premiums paid to an HFX CIC are 100% deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses, if they are comparable to those charged in the market for similar insurance coverage. HFX policies fall within the parameters of commercial reasonableness, and each business client can deduct the premiums it pays to HFX.
  • HFX Insurance Services can help thousands of employers/employees find lower-cost health protection at group rate savings. In many cases, HFX plans can rebate residual premium payments after claims by giving part of the premium back to employers. Employees will have larger take-home pay and the nation’s work force can return to full-time status. The HFX Captive Insurance Company (CIC) structure provides group rates which in turn saves employers and employees money on insurance and benefit options.
  • HFX Insurance Services can bypass existing Obamacare regulations with our Captive Insurance Company (CIC) Structure. ONLY A CAPTIVE INSURANCE COMPANY CAN BYPASS THE CURRENT OBAMACARE REGULATIONS.

A CIC allows a business to develop a customized insurance plan that matches its needs and objectives. The CIC can draft policies that are based on the specific needs of the business such as increasing deductibles, the scope of coverage, and controlling premiums. This flexibility is clearly desirable, but often not available from commercial carriers.

HFX Insurance Services has established unique business partnerships with industry-leading healthcare and insurance carriers, that have enabled us to offer you the most affordable and reliable policies available. All of our policies come with the innovative WellPay payment card, which allows you to not only save on healthcare costs, but also provides you with valuable rewards, discounts, rebates and cash-back on all of your daily spending - including healthcare spending! For the first time ever, a payment card can offer rebates on health premiums and healthcare purchases!

HFX Insurance Services is unique in the marketplace due to it's many years of combined experience and business relationships. The principals of HFX Insurance Services have been affiliated with healthcare, risk assessment, and determining the wants and needs of the American consumer for over 85 years. Because of this experience, and our unique payment platform, and our innovative structuring, HFX Insurance Services is attracting carriers back into the marketplace offering discounted coverage.

Our insurance sales team consists of more than 1,500 risk management brokers, who are all eager to assist you with your insurance needs. Call or click today to give HFX Insurance Services the opportunity to provide you with a more affordable and reliable employer group insurance policy. You’ll be glad you did!

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