If you need an agent, we will help you find one
If you already work with an agent or broker, we will follow up with them to provide your quote and information that can help you compare your health plan options. 

If you don't have one, we will assign an agent to help you find the right plan to help meet your needs and budget.

 We’re Here to Make This Simple - For You, and Your Team
You may be looking for affordable options to help employees manage their health care and deal with unexpected medical expenses. We are here to help. 

We offer plans that make sense for small businesses - plans that help you control costs while providing your employees reliable coverage. And with Anthem, you'll have a partner who focuses on making health care easier. 

Our innovative programs and tools give convenient access to quality care and information:

24/7 online visits with board-certified doctors through LiveHealth Online*
Sydney Health app+, an integrated app to help them manage benefits, download ID cards, find network providers, urgent care, pharmacies, health information, and more.
Customized service: Anthem Health Guides are ready to help members use their benefits and navigate the health care system more efficiently.
and more!

 Find the Right Fit for Your Unique Business
Our broad range of traditional and innovative health plans is designed for different needs and budgets. You can select from expanded medical and pharmacy options as well as cost-share choices.

Strengthen your benefits package with our dental, vision, disability, EAP, prescription drug coverage, and wellness programs.

 Network of Physicians
Work with the strength and stability of an industry leaders, our large networks include leading physicians, specialists and hospitals. You’ll have access to 93% of doctors and 96% of hospitals nationwide through the VisaBlueCard® program.** 

Plan Design

If employees have an opportunity to have new insurance at no decrease in pay, how many do you think participate? Our average participation when the employer supports the enrollment is 92%.

Employers save payroll taxes of 7.65% on the total of employee contributions. Employers are billed for a 5% Administration fee. This leaves a true 2.65% net savings for the employer.

How It Works

The Corporate Advantage Program (CAP), a Self-Funded Plan, can fund important coverage for employees and their families to fill in the gaps of what their health insurance does not cover.

Pre-tax contributions provide tax savings for employees to use on portable insurance coverage. Each employee receives 2 basic benefits

Benefit Bank

Excess savings fund the employee benefit bank to spend on the below products of their choice:

Accident Plan, Deductible Gap Plans,
Life Insurance, Disability Coverage,
Disability Insurance, Hospital Indemnity,
Cancer Insurance, Wellness Program




Corporate Advantage Program